About V2Future

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V2Future has all its elites with 9-18 years of cross-border business management and development, sales and marketing experience in B2B industrial projects and B2C consumer services through online and offline channels.

V2Future was co-found by a group of executives who were working for leading Chinese company in Europe, the company was aiming at helping Chinese enterprises to develop business in Europe as well as helping European enterprise to approach Chinese market, then become the bi-directional business bridge between EU and China.

In the early phase, V2Future was focus on utilizing their experience to consult Chinese and European enterprises to do business with each other, and successfully helped several innovative Chinese and European companies on branding, marketing, sales development and investment in the other market, the reputation and trust was gained by the professional services of V2Future. In 2014, V2Future acquired Sysinteq B.V., a system integrator and IT services provider for Chinese Enterprises.

In the middle term, after doing business with customers in different industries, V2Future gradually develop its own business of representing innovative new hardware and internet services from China, became the only or core distributor of DJI, Hikvision, Baidu, Tencent (Wechat) and Sina Weibo, successfully evolved from back-stage consultant to front-end services provider, and signed partner and branches in Germany, UK, France, Belgium, Norway and Spain.

Now, V2Future is evolved again from the experience of bridging China and EU business, focus on providing 2 services only: financial and marketing services for Europe merchants/brands towards Chinese consumers, Distribution and business development services for smart hardware from China.. In 2016, V2Future established a whole new brand for the financial services: 2paynow, become the first unified payment and marketing platform connecting Europe merchants and Chinese consumers through the biggest payment and marketing platform around the world.